Wednesday, December 14, 2011


There was a perfect pregnancy, a slightly dramatic delivery, and more love than I knew existed.

On this day, eight years ago, I became a mama.


We didn't know what his name would be until we saw him, but it took all of about thirty seconds to know that he was Owen.

Owen is wise beyond his years; he has a hunger for knowledge. He impresses me daily with the questions he asks and the things he thinks about. He's not content just knowing what something IS, he wants to know WHY something is what it is.

He loves nature-everything from bugs to animals to the changing seasons to his very favorite thing: tornadoes. That boy can talk ENDLESSLY about tornadoes. He lays in bed at night, with a flashlight, reading book after book about tornadoes.

Also? He's got a thing for Star Wars. And it's not just the movies-it's everything about Star Wars. He has MANY books, describing the characters, the weapons, the good versus evil. He has action figures, and light sabers and costumes. Pro tip: If you're going to have a conversation with Owen about Star Wars, YOU'D BETTER BE PREPARED.

And then there's the funniness. Owen's not a stand-up-and-tell-jokes kinda kid. He's funny. He has these one-liners that KILL me. Someone told me once that you have to be smart to be funny, and that is SO true. The things he says are funny because they are REAL.

One more thing: Could he be ANY sweeter?! Owen is the best big brother EVER. He would do anything to help out his brother and sisters. He routinely sacrifices the things that he has to make them happy. He's gentle, and kind-hearted and giving.

Today my little boy turned eight. For eight years he's been in my life. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'm so excited to see what the future holds for Owen, but I can wait. I'm enjoying this time with him while he's still my little boy.


I'm not quite sure how I got so lucky, but Owen makes me feel so proud to be his mama.