About Them

This is Jason:


He's the guy who makes it all happen.  Jason is a Construction Manager for an engineering company here in Michigan.  He loves golfing, water-skiing, and snowmobiling and will do just about anything to get out for a ride on his Harley.  The kids adore him and I do, too.

This is Owen:

 photo DSC_0803-001_zpsrmnrhr2d.jpg

He is fourteen and is in Ninth Grade.  Owen loves fishing, catching bugs, swimming and playing any kind of game, from cards to video games.  He is such a funny, thoughtful, caring and respectful boy.  He is naturally smart and I have yet to see him study for a single test, but he always manages perfect marks on his report card!  Owen reads so much I have a hard time keeping him in books!  He's also a member of the cross-country team and golf team.  Although he might be shy when you first meet him, it doesn't take long for him to warm up to new people.  He's been known to say some of the funniest things I've ever heard.

This is Emerson:

 photo DSC_0795-001_zps8uk7we0v.jpg

She is thirteen and is in Eighth Grade.  Emerson is all things GIRL.  She loves wearing make-up, fancy shoes, painted nails, and jewelry, and is all about fashion!  Although she can be a little high-maintenance, she's generally a sweetie.  Em is also a little smarty pants and can do everything Owen can do-from reading to fishing to baseball.  She's in an honors choir in her middle school and also loves theater!

This is Greyson:

 photo DSC_0816-001_zpsuiiwkjyn.jpg

He is ten, and he is the ONE.  Need I say more??  Hahaha.  OK.  Greyson is something, that's for sure.  He's currently in Fifth Grade.  Grey is a TOTAL joker and we sure do have a hard time keeping a straight face sometimes with him.  I think he has a secret agenda geared towards TERRORIZING all of the other kids.  He absolutely loves working with his hands and helping out all of the men in the family with their projects. He's a snuggler at heart and really wants to be a part of everything that happens around here.

This is Alayna:

 photo DSC_0782-001_zpsonpxevsz.jpg

She is nine and is in Fourth Grade this year.  Alayna is a very happy, cheerful little girl.  Her laugh might be the greatest sound in the world.  She is gentle, quiet, and snuggly, but can totally stand up for herself, too!  She's not going to get pushed around by anyone!  She loves being around all of the kids, but her favorite is Owen.  She lights up at the sight of him! She loves playing softball and has a kick-ass roundoff in gymnastics! 

This is Nash:

 photo DSC_0781-001_zpsj5vhtqbu.jpg

He is five years old and is the life of any party. He starts Kindergarten this year, and can't wait to make new friends.  He's got a twinkle in his eye and is completely irresistible.  Nash loves the action and constant attention he is given by all of the kids.  He's a keeper!  He's turning into a little bit of a joker and often when I hear, "Hey, MOM!" and answer, "What?" I get a "Chicken butt." in response!