Monday, July 8, 2013

Alayna is Four

57 months ago, I held this in my hands:  photo 10-31digi_zps637c0cc3.jpg

55 months ago, I held this first picture of the baby growing inside of me:
 photo 9w3d_zps9f7509cb.jpg

52 months ago, I held this picture of my daughter:
 photo 27w3dprofile_zps86adbf97.jpg

 48 months ago, the day had finally arrived; the day I would finally get to hold her in my arms, and not just in my belly.
 photo 39weeks_zpsee0bbb75.jpg

It was a Monday. I was scheduled for an induction, a week before my due date.

After arriving at the hospital in the morning, I was hooked up to the machines, and I waited. In the afternoon, the contractions were strong and consistent and the on-call doctor came to break my water.

Things changed almost instantly. I wasn't surprised when they checked me and I was seven centimeters dilated. I told them to call my doctor, as I had had two very fast deliveries in the past. (You can read about them here and here.)

They smiled and nodded and basically ignored me. And then, it was time. For real. I asked to be checked again. I was ten centimeters dilated and she was coming. Quickly. They told me that my doctor was on her way, FROM THE OFFICE.

Really? This was happening again?

Don't push, they said. Just breathe, they said.

So there I was, breathing through contractions, holding back the intense desire to push, again. There I was, cursing the nurses for not listening to me, again. There I was waiting, again.

Somehow, finally, the doctor appeared.

And just like that, she was here.
 photo IMG_8096_zps15e86429.jpg

A tiny, bald, beautiful baby girl. Alayna.
 photo IMG_8281_zps6db2c2de.jpg

The little sister Emerson had been waiting for.
 photo IMG_8214_zpsc31dd0b7.jpg


The next 36 months turned out to be quite a roller coaster. There was a broken leg, a move to Tennessee, a move to Ohio. Through it all, Alayna was Alayna. Although shy upon first meeting, she'll quickly warm up to you and hit you with her infectious laugh. And that hair?  That hair turns heads everywhere we go.
 photo IMG_0841_zpsb0639b68.jpg

The last 12 months have been spent living in Ohio, but with frequent trips to Michigan and a spring trip to Florida. She had her first day of preschool, enjoyed dressing as a bumblebee for Halloween, caught her first fish, debuted her first pair of glasses, and became a big sister to Nash.  No matter where she is, or what she is doing, Alayna is a character.

 photo IMG_1523_zps8f20bc54.jpg

 photo IMG_1575_zpse0b0fae0.jpg

 photo IMG_1736_zpsc42967a3.jpg

 photo IMG_1970_zps1bedbcf4.jpg

 photo IMG_0609_zps41573890.jpg

 photo IMG_2110_zpsec034bd4.jpg

 photo IMG_2180_zps1120e870.jpg

 photo IMG_2334_zps98855a77.jpg

 photo IMG_2513_zps9a3a911f.jpg

 photo IMG_2597_zps40694ebf.jpg

 photo IMG_2657_zpsf3f1b7ac.jpg

 photo IMG_2687_zps2e2db87d.jpg

 photo IMG_2727_zps709d7032.jpg

 photo IMG_3512_zpsaa5080de.jpg

She turned four over the weekend. When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she answered right away: A penguin. A real, live penguin. And then she added that she'd also like a watermelon, with a knife to cut it. She is quite sensible.

 photo IMG_3488_zpsbb33b761.jpg

Alayna has always been a Mama's girl. If I'm cooking in the kitchen, she's on the counter helping me. If I'm changing a diaper, she's there next to me, ready to assist, if needed.  If I'm painting my nails, she's there, waiting to have her nails painted, too.  If I sneak away to take a bath, somehow she's there, stripping down to jump right in. While I enjoy my alone time, I enjoy my time with her, as well. I know that soon enough she'll be too busy and too "cool" to hang out with Mom. So, I'm taking what I can get, as long as she'll give it to me.
 photo alaynaandmom_zps1028e1ef.jpg
Happy 4th Birthday, baby girl.  Mama loves you.