Tuesday, July 17, 2012


It's the middle of July.  In another month, the kids will be heading back to school.  We've been hard at work here in Ohio, making this place our own, but that doesn't mean we haven't had fun, too.  Actually, a lot of our time has been spent in Michigan.  We have gotten TONS of time up at the cabin, where days are filled with all sorts of fun.

This summer has been unbelievably hot-even in Northern Michigan.  On the hottest days, we go right from our pajamas to our bathing suits and spend all of our time in the lake.

IMG_0783 IMG_0897 IMG_0865 IMG_0996 IMG_4636-1 IMG_1009
We even snuck back into the water a few nights after dinner and swam until dark! IMG_0830 IMG_1093 IMG_0856 IMG_1061 IMG_1072
Of course, I got some fishing in with Owen... IMG_4663
And on his last cast of the night, he hit the jackpot!
We did manage to have a couple of bonfires, but it was SO hot, we couldn't really enjoy them!
The nights are always late ones, and most mornings are pretty lazy, but we always work our way back to the beach.
 IMG_4625 IMG_0957 IMG_0987 IMG_0814 IMG_4672
When the beach gets too hot, we pile in the boat and cruise around the lake... IMG_0866 IMG_0992 IMG_0909
And we usually make a pit-stop to jump in! IMG_0891 IMG_0887 IMG_0881
 We also celebrated the Fourth of July with a late-night boat ride to watch the fireworks!
IMG_0860 IMG_0918 IMG_0920
We had a ton of fun spending time with family! The kids got so much time with some of their favorite cousins!
 IMG_4671 IMG_4632 IMG_4589 IMG_0815 IMG_0793
 And when you're completely exhausted and need cuddles or just a quick catnap, there's always time for that, too. IMG_0827 IMG_0941 IMG_4650 IMG_4637 IMG_0905
 Mostly, it's just good to be together, having fun. IMG_1037 IMG_1087 IMG_0955 IMG_0805 IMG_0859
 It's always sad to leave, but we know we won't be able to stay away too long. After all, who can resist sunsets like this every night?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Another Year

This year, she's settling into life in Ohio. IMG_0578
 One year ago, she was digging the country life in Tennessee. IMG_6272-1
Two years ago, she was a crawling, swinging little girl. Photobucket
Three years ago, she made her way into this world.
We've been on our own little roller coaster the last few years, but we're going with it. Alayna has been a trooper, quickly adapting to new places and new homes. She's a show-stealer these days, with her infectious laugh and her HAIR. Her hair actually needs its own blog post. It has a life of its own and turns heads wherever we go.
 IMG_0210 IMG_0279 IMG_0050-1
We celebrated her birthday a couple weeks ago in Michigan, and she was nothing but smiles.
IMG_0584 IMG_0618 IMG_0628
You'll notice that all of the photos of Alayna are outside-that's because she LOVES to be outside! I can't keep her in the house!
 IMG_0143 IMG_0414 IMG_0507 IMG_0667
 Alayna's favorite things are orange juice, playing with mommy's phone, eating other people's food and avoiding sleep AT ALL COSTS. Things she doesn't like? Being in the car, getting her face wet, and SLEEP. It's pretty hard to say no to this face, let me tell you... IMG_0638
It's been a crazy year, but I wouldn't trade it. This little girl makes me happy-from her giggles to her hair. She's a lover and a cuddler, and I find her irresistible. IMG_0841
 Happy 3rd Birthday, Alayna!