Monday, December 14, 2015

On the Edge

Twelve years old...

On the edge of the teenage years.

 photo IMG_7861_zpsvk3u5jap.jpg

Sixth grade...

On the edge of middle school.

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I know how tough middle school can be.  Kids are trying to find their place in this world and are scrutinized by their peers and girls start to not have cooties and there is oh, so much drama.  Somehow, Owen is managing to cruise on through all of that.  When his nose isn't stuck in a book, which occupies a large amount of his time (he's read the complete Harry Potter series twice since June), he has found some extra-curricular activities to enjoy.

Junior Golf

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Summer Swim Team

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And, of course, fishing.

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And while he's found those "big kid" activities to keep him busy, he still finds time to do those things that some might refer to as " little kid" things.

Water fights at the lake...

 photo IMG_6985_zpspdyd25do.jpg

Playing in the pool, all day long...

 photo IMG_6875_zpsbnnhgmxw.jpg

 photo IMG_8000_zpsjb7cvkyx.jpg


 photo IMG_7955_zpsddcy1piu.jpg

Dressing up for Halloween...

 photo IMG_3854_zps46y2yur5.jpg

Playing in the snow...

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I'm not sure I'd refer to Owen as a shy kid, but he does keep to himself, mostly.  If he has an opinion, he will definitely voice it, and if you invade his personal space, he'll tackle you.  (Just ask Grey.) Owen can be deep in the throes of Minecraft, yet if I ask him to get wood for the fire, or run upstairs for something, or flip the pancakes I poured on the griddle but forgot to flip, he's off and running in a flash. Though he's teetering on the edges of little kid world and big kid world, he has kept his love of family.  Owen would rather spend time with his cousins and siblings than anyone else.

 photo IMG_8102_zpsvq6uxciz.jpg

 photo IMG_7966_zpsn4t0v0hi.jpg

 photo IMG_7466_zps7ogeqb0l.jpg

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As the oldest child, Owen has a lot of weight on his shoulders. I think he's starting to realize that the younger kids look to him on how to act. He is kind and funny and caring, and Nash, in particular, is very fond of him.

 photo IMG_9228_zpsmyupakfy.jpg

One of my favorite things about Owen is his sense of humor. It's dry and understated and sometimes even sneaky. He says some hilarious things that you can tell he's put a lot of thought into, but they just flow out effortlessly.

 photo IMG_7938_zpshdywgb1f.jpg

While I cannot imagine my little boy being a teenager, it's coming. I get one year of Owen being twelve and then he'll be on his way. There will be girls and cars and curfews and college applications.    Right now, though, I'm holding onto my thoughtful, quiet, kind, funny boy. Growing up, I was always envious of my friends who had big brothers. They had a built-in protector, someone who would always be in their corner, and someone to show them the way. I feel very blessed that my kids get to grow up with Owen watching over them.

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I am excited for Owen's future-to see what he will become and how he will guide his siblings.  His enjoyment of the outdoors is rare in kids these days, but that's where he most enjoys being.  He loves exploring, and visiting new places, and learning new things, and getting dirty, and think those qualities are going to shape him into a wonderful young man.

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Happy birthday, O. Mama loves you.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas Wishes

Every year, beginning in mid-November, my kids starting writing Christmas wish lists.  They'll write one for me, one for Nana, one for Nene, and then usually a few more for me.  By the time people actually start shopping for gifts, the kids have so many random things on their lists that no one has any idea what to buy them.  This year, I had the kids each make me a private list of the three things they want most for Christmas.  The only rule was that the items needed to be within my budget.  (Sadly, this restricted Greyson from requesting a four-wheeler, a snowmobile and a trailer to haul them.)

No one asked if they could write more than three things, and I think the items they chose perfectly describe each of them-the older ones teetering between toys and more grown up things, and the younger ones choosing classic age-appropriate gifts.  What follows are their lists, just as they wrote them:


 photo DSC_0803-001_zpsskk2n5zt.jpg

Lazer tag
Gamer mouse
Big remote control truck (going to be using outside) with batteries


 photo DSC_0795-001_zps24vdj0qm.jpg
Giant Mickey Mouse
Sims 4 (DVD game for computer) (found at Walmart)
EOS balls/balms


 photo DSC_0782-001_zpsziooj94u.jpg

I want a Baby Alive doll.
I want a puppy cage.
I want a puppy.

And then Alayna said, "Mom, I'll make Nash's list-I know just what he wants."

Nash, via Alayna

 photo DSC_0781-001_zpssqssq6od.jpg

A toy Spiderman

You might be wondering why I skipped Greyson in the order and saved him for last. Then again, you might have realized that his list would be the best and I'd have to save it for last.


 photo DSC_0816-001_zpssdrt90l3.jpg

iPad mini
Big pack of bottled water
Ten bucks

This is my life.  Welcome, y'all.

All photos taken by Allison Davis

Friday, November 27, 2015

Three Years Old

My children are like puzzle pieces-they're all different, but when you put them together, they create a complete picture.  If one child happens to not be home, the whole house feels off.  They each contribute their own uniqueness to our family.  Sometimes, you don't realize you're missing a piece until after it's been given to you.  I thought my family of six was complete.

And then came Nash.
 photo DSC_0432_zpstqbwh4vd.jpg

Somehow, Nash managed to acquire all of best things of the other four kids: A calmness from Owen, a self-confidence from Emerson, a voiced opinion from Greyson, and an infectious laugh from Alayna.

 photo IMG_8479_zpsch6weruq.jpg

I could tell you that Nash is stubborn and difficult, because that's true!  He IS.  That boy doesn't always know what he wants, but you'd better give it to him NOW or else.

 photo DSC_0593_zpsggttitfh.jpg

If he gets new boots, he will most definitely be wearing them to bed.

 photo IMG_2773_zpsiienepvs.jpg

If he wants to wear three watches at once, don't you dare try to make him wear a jacket-you will cover them up and he won't be able to see his three watches.

 photo IMG_0314_zpsmwg55hjj.jpg

If he wants to wear a headband with glittery balls on it and a fabulous pearl necklace, don't try and stop him.

 photo IMG_9802_zps4i184q35.jpg

If his siblings join the swim team and he gets highly jealous and wears a swim cap and goggles for weeks, just go with it.

 photo IMG_9703_zpssqenqu8e.jpg

If he sneaks into your room and puts on a bunch of your medals, just to hear them clang together, smile, because they were meant to be worn, right?

 photo IMG_9593_zpspighhnrp.jpg

If he'd rather drink almond milk for every meal and snack, just let him, knowing that SOMEday he will realize that almond milk doesn't taste nearly as good as fresh fruit, or Gigi's best-ever stew.

As stubborn and difficult as Nash is, I know that deep down it's for a reason.  He is learning.  He's been on this earth for three short years and everything is trial and error for him.  In reality, he just wants to do what all the big kids do, and he's had some great new experiences this year:

Drinking from the water fountain...

 photo IMG_1355_zpsfddwnshc.jpg

Picking rocks on the shore of Lake Michigan...

 photo IMG_8067_zpsieh1syey.jpg

Sliding down the big slide all alone...

 photo IMG_1356_zpsoraerutp.jpg

Eating apples from our tree...

 photo IMG_2743_zpskwlazjkp.jpg

Watching the big trucks, ready to hop in as soon as they'll let him...

 photo IMG_2791_zpsvamccyy8.jpg

Splashing on the dock at the lake...

 photo IMG_7776_zps2beg2ebz.jpg

Climbing the ladder at the park...

 photo IMG_8600_zpsjz7vc9nz.jpg

Getting his hair curled...

 photo IMG_9249_zpslidqrr56.jpg

Searching for Nemo in storm drains, because all drains lead to the ocean!

 photo IMG_9644_zpsvhbn2czk.jpg

Nash's allergies still keep me on my toes, but he's very good at asking, "Milk in it?" before accepting food from people.  And he does still have occasional outbreaks of respiratory issues, but he can now ask for a breathing treatment and insists, "ME do it."

 photo IMG_2593_zpskerpuixr.jpg

While a lot of toddlers seem to be wrapped up in themselves, which is completely normal, Nash likes to keep tabs on everyone.  Throughout the day he asks individually, "Where Oweee go?" "Where Nemmee go?"  "Where Reyson go?"  "Where Yanie go?"  "Daddy working?"  And if I'm working on a project and say, "OW!" Nash immediately asks, "You okay, Mom?"

 photo IMG_3062_zpspuwlpxiw.jpg

Speaking of Mom, let's address that issue.  I know all kids go through the "Mommy don't leave me stage", but Nash takes that to the extreme.  If I go to the bathroom and lock the door, I have betrayed him.  If I go to the grocery store and leave him home, I have just ripped his heart out.  That boy is always by my side, preferably touching me, and I'm sure if I'd let him, he'd choose to be right back in the WOMB.

 photo IMG_1253_zpshalvo6mk.jpg

I remind myself often that nothing lasts forever and that they're only little for a little while.  And while he's trying new things and learning the ways of the world, Nash is also teaching me things.  I've learned that allowing a child to sleep in a winter hat, mittens, snow boots and a diaper works.  I've learned that if you shoot your brother in the eye with a Nerf gun, it might sting for a minute, but he won't actually go blind.  I've learned that when he says, "Mom", there's a 50 percent chance that after I say, "What?" he'll say, "Chicken butt."  I've learned that back flips off the couch won't result in a broken neck.  I've learned that the best way to eat a hamburger is to load it with ketchup and then remove both parts of the bun and eat the ketchup-y piece of meat as messily as possible.  I've learned that slow dancing in the kitchen while dinner is cooking is much more pleasant than listening to whining.  I've learned that five minutes of snuggling on the couch can fix just about anything.  I've learned that if Nash hadn't come into my life, I wouldn't be the same person I am today.

 photo IMG_1811_zpsa8wsfrng.jpg

He is thoughtful, and stubborn, and caring, and demanding, and funny, and inquisitive, and smart, and he is the piece I didn't know was missing.  Today he is THREE.

 photo IMG_7061_zps0utzurlf.jpg

Happy Birthday, Nash.  Mom loves you.

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