Monday, September 1, 2014


She's the girl who puts on a dress, paints her nails, and goes outside with a shovel to dig for worms.

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She's the girl with the naturally curly hair (that she says makes her look like a lion) who begs to have it straightened daily.

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She's the girl that will tell you that her brother is allergic to not just milk, eggs and nuts, but also ice cream and butter and yogurt and cookies and peanut butter and everything else on the PLANET that contains milk, eggs and nuts.

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She's the girl who shows up on the side of her mom and dad's bed at 3am for no other reason than to be taken back to bed.

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She's the girl who shows up in the kitchen at every meal time, asking to be allowed to sit on the counter and "help".

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She's the girl who stares woefully at the food on her own plate, but will gladly eat all of the food on yours.

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She's the girl who will steal your hat or your skirt or your glasses, and totally rock them.

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She's the girl who insists that she can do everything her older siblings can, and usually CAN.

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She's the girl who wants a dog, a cat or a BABY for her birthday this year.

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She's the girl who turns five today.

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You can read all about her birth and her fourth birthday here. (Click the link!)

 Alayna is so full of life.  She is thoughtful and considerate and unique and downright funny.  Her laugh is the best sound in the world, and her hair?  Well, it speaks for itself.  She might come off as a little shy when you first meet her, but once she's warmed up to you, you've got a friend for life.

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Alayna seems to be growing up in a hurry, and I'm not sure I like it.  So what if I let her fall asleep in my bed and carry her up to her own bed late at night, or if I let her have little sneaks of my pop when no one is looking, or if I give her extra "licks" of the cookie dough I'm making?  I know that soon enough she'll be on her way and those precious moments will be gone.

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 Right now, though?  Right now, we are celebrating FIVE.

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