Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Very Merry Birthday

I have a confession...

 I've been sitting here, staring at an empty computer screen for an hour.  I suppose it makes sense, given the subject I'm going to write about. 

What's the subject?  Greyson.

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If you know Greyson, then you know why this is a difficult task.  If you don't know him, then let me start off by saying this: That boy marches to his own drummer.

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Of course, all of my kids are different and unique and have their own likes and dislikes, but Greyson?  He takes all of those things to EXTREMES.  He is the third of five children, and let me tell you, he takes that "middle child" title very seriously. 

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Grey is a kid who knows what he wants and he's not afraid to tell you.  For example, I asked the kids what they'd like to be for Halloween this year.  Without hesitation, here are the responses I got:
Owen: A vampire
Emerson: A vampire
Alayna: A vampire
Nash: A vampire (I may have nudged him that way)

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This fall, we let the kids each pick an after-school activity.  Their choices?
Owen: Swimming
Emerson: Swimming
Alayna: Swimming
Greyson: Track (He's as fast as lightning.)

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When asked what they'd like to be when they grow up, here were their responses:
Owen: An Entomologist
Emerson: A Teacher
Alayna: A Doctor
Greyson: I don't care what my job is, but I want to be a dad and have twin boys named Alex and Owen.

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As for Greyson's birthday list this year, at the very top: OFFICE SUPPLIES.  Specifically, a hole-puncher, paperclips, a stapler, a clipboard, and lots and lots of paper.

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Birthdays around here aren't extravagant, but I do let each of the kids decide on a theme and a location for their parties.  You might think a six year old kindergartener would choose to have a Spiderman theme, or to take some friends roller skating, but not Grey.  His requests were simple and to the point: He wanted his favorite cousin, Brady, to come for the weekend, and he wanted a Christmas party.  Genius, right?  So, last weekend, Brady came for the weekend and Saturday we celebrated Christmas.  There were red and green balloons, garland hung on the fireplace, a Christmas tree cake, presents wrapped in Christmas paper, and even a small, decorated Christmas tree.  Then, today for his birthday treat, I sent red and green frosted Christmas cookies to school with him, and he wore the new pair of Christmas socks I gave him for his birthday. 

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In November, we welcomed baby Nash into our family, and Greyson finally got the little brother he'd been waiting for.  I could have never predicted the bond that those two boys have.  For as wild and crazy and nonstop as Greyson is, when he is with Nash, he is calm and gentle and caring.  He's always willing to comfort him when he cries, and he can always make that baby giggle.

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After preschool in Michigan, preschool in Tennessee, and preschool in Ohio, Greyson finally was old enough to start Kindergarten this year.  And boy, was he ready. On the first day, they invited the parents to bring their children to school and stay for a couple hours to make the kids' transition easier.  I'd say he was more than a little nervous on that first day, but he quickly found his bearings and is excelling in his class. 

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While he still drives me crazy on a daily basis, and he has a smart reply for everything that is said to him, I'm pretty sure my life wouldn't be half as fun as it is if he wasn't a part of it.

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Happy 6th Birthday, Grey!